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for Gender Balanced Music

Upcoming Dates: 
November 2023

Location: Online (Zoom)


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Songwriting Camps, with a special emphasis on Gender Balanced Music (GBM) which stands for divers and inclusive production teams. This initiative offers a unique platform for music professionals to gain exposure and collaborate with peers from across the globe. Designed as online collaborative spaces, these camps welcome female/non-binary music producers and vocalists, as well as songwriters of all genders. Our aim is to craft songs tailored for specific pitch/sync opportunities, all while fostering global musical connections.

While we champion gender balance within our teams, our primary mission goal is to ensure that female and non-binary music producers are actively and increasingly involved and employed in the entertainment and music industries, and beyond. 

To ensure the most harmonious and dynamic songwriting sessions, we're seeking a diverse ensemble of passionate female/non-binary producers. We also invite songwriters and vocalists of all genders, experienced in a myriad of musical styles, to join us in this exciting endeavor.

Application Process

If your application is successful, our dedicated A&R team will reach out with further details. Once the camp concludes, we aim to release and feature the selected songs in Schubert Music's Library, which will also oversee subsequent processes.


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