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20-21 September 2023

2-3 October 2023




26 September 2023

4 October 2023




25 September 2023

4 October 2023

For Labels, Publishers, Collecting Societies, Music Organisations and Music Professionals

Designing a Diverse & Inclusive Music Industry
Industry Ideation Discussion

There is a growing recognition of the need for gender equality and diversity in the music industry, and many companies are seeking guidance in developing ESG policies and strategies that address these issues.


Project first.wave is committed to supporting music industry players in this process by providing design and strategy guidelines, as well as other resources and tools to promote gender equality and support the SDGs. 

True change stems from shared understanding and collective needs.

With this in mind, we're excited to introduce a series of industry-focused Zoom Roundtables that aim to uncover needs and potential solutions and to delve deep into the perspectives of industry stakeholders on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the music realm.

We invite industry stakeholders, businesses and music professionals to collaborate in exploring potential solutions and actions for long-term development in DEI. Let's share insights on strategies, confront challenges, discuss varied approaches, and express our thoughts and emotions. By doing so, we aim to provide the tailored support the industry requires, whether it's in business strategy, policy execution, or fostering a positive environment in workplaces and studios.


  1. Setting the Context: The Need for DEI in the Music Industry

  2. Showcasing Excellence: Panellists’ / Guests’ Insights on Effective DEI Management Practices and Case Studies

  3. Unearthing Challenges: Pinpointing Obstacles and Constraints in Achieving Diversity and Inclusion, with an Emphasis on Music Production - Insights from Participant Surveys

  4. Charting the Path Forward: Identifying Strategic Initiatives and Key Action Areas to Propel DEI in the Music Sector

    GUEST SPEAKERS  - 26 September   

Alfons Karabuda

Chair - SKAP

President - IMC

Eva Karman Reinhold.jpeg

Eva Karman Reinhold

Board Member - IMPALA

Chair - IMPALA DEI Committee

CEO - Smilodon

Margaret Mcguffin_edited_edited.jpg

Margaret McGuffin

   GUEST SPEAKERS  - 4th October   


Anna Lidell

Chair - Autor (DK)

Vice-Chair - KODA

Edit König-Bihari

Sustainable Supply Chain expert


Kata Kozma

Award Winning Music Producer / Singer-Songwriter


26 September 2023 - 5PM CET - With Alfons Karabuda,  Margaret McGuffin and Eva Karman Reinhold


4 October 2023 - 4:30PM CET - With Anna Lindel, Kata Kozma

For Female and Non-binary Music Producers and Songwriters, Singers of all gender

Exposing Talent:
GBM Songwriting Camps

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Songwriting Camps, with a special emphasis on Gender Balanced Music (GBM) which stands for divers and inclusive production teams. This initiative offers a unique platform for music professionals to gain exposure and collaborate with peers from across the globe. Designed as online collaborative spaces, these camps welcome female/non-binary music producers and vocalists, as well as songwriters of all genders. Our aim is to craft songs tailored for specific pitch/sync opportunities, all while fostering global musical connections.

While we champion gender balance within our teams, our primary mission is to amplify the voices of female and non-binary producers and songwriters. To ensure the most harmonious and dynamic songwriting sessions, we're seeking a diverse ensemble of passionate female/non-binary producers. We also invite songwriters and vocalists of all genders, experienced in a myriad of musical styles, to join us in this exciting endeavor.

We've partnered with Schubert Music (SM) to achieve our goal and to offer artists  greater exposure. Songs will be created by international teams with diverse cultural backgrounds, following predefined briefs from Schubert Music Library (SML)

Application Process

If your application is successful, our dedicated A&R team will reach out with further details. Once the camp concludes, we aim to release and feature the selected songs in Schubert Music's Library, which will also oversee subsequent processes.


20-21 September 2023

2-3 October 2023

_music producer-11_auto_x4.jpeg

For Female and Non-binary Music Producers, Songwriters and Singers

Navigating the Music Industry for Female & Non-Binary Producers - Webinar

At the heart of our mission is the belief that every voice, every talent, and every perspective deserves a platform. The music industry, while rich in creativity, has areas where representation falls short. We recognize the challenges faced by female and non-binary professionals, from navigating the complexities of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to breaking the proverbial glass ceiling.

Our webinars are tailored to address these unique challenges. We delve into topics such as understanding the broader opportunities within the industry, effectively representing oneself, and exploring avenues previously overshadowed by traditional industry norms. Drawing from the collective knowledge of industry experts and the experiences of those who've walked this path, our sessions aim to equip you with the insights and tools to thrive.

Join us in reshaping the narrative and ensuring that the music industry is as diverse and inclusive as the art it represents. Together, we can amplify the voices that need to be heard and create a harmonious future for all in the world of music production.


  1. Music Industry Overview: How the Music Industry Works? Revenue Streams

  2. Understanding the Music Business: Hypgnosis, Copyright, ISRC, and More

  3. Navigating the Music Ecosystem: Associations, Funds, and Trade Unions

  4. The Modern Dilemma: DIY vs. Record Label / Signing a Deal

  5. Guide to Success: Ways to Build a Sustainable Career in Music


25 September 2023 - 5PM CET

4 October 2023 - 6:30PM CET

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