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Creating Gender Balance in Music

We call on music creators and music businesses to join us in the work of achieving gender balance in music




Our long term goal is:

Making Female Music Producers To Be Involved And Employed In An Actively Growing Number In The Entertainment, Music Industries And Beyond.

Female music producers are the most disadvantaged group within the music industry. They could not advance their inclusion and equality in the past decade especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly there is only one female music producer participating in professional or organized music collaborations, songwriting camps or bigger scale music projects if any at all. 

COVID-19 made Female Music Producers separated and got them even more excluded from music industry business during the pandemic. The project aims to bring female producers back to active networking on an international level, by creating a new support community, connections, collaborations and raising awareness within the industry.

Currently we are executing phase one of our long term project which is called project first.wave co-funded by the European Union.

The Project


Project first.wave is a program designed to initiate the sustained growth in the inclusion, employment, and education of female and non-binary music producers within the music industry and beyond. To guarantee long-term functionality, the project is establishing EMPA (European Music Production Association)


Quota Commitment Advocacy

Through discussions, exploring and ideation process we are encouraging music industry players to commit to sustainability goals and gender quotas related to female and non-binary music producers.

SDG Strategy and Policy Design

We support music industry players in the design process of Gender Quota policies and building gender equality related strategies (e.g. supplying design and strategy guidelines)


Building a Support Network

We are building a professional network which will ultimately support female and non-binary artists in music production also the music industry in their development. To ensure long term support we establish the European Music Production Association (EMPA)

Research of a Future Digital Platform

We are conducting research on the basis of a forthcoming digital community network for female music professionals in music production.

Our Partners

female music prducer kata kozma


Reach out with any questions, ideas or if you are about to partner up. Let's make the magic happen. 

Thanks for contacting us!

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